Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Fusionbox and Traffic Direct Achieve Top Search Engine Results for QualMark

Fusionbox and Traffic Direct worked together to redevelop QualMark's website in order to increase their search engine position. The results were beyond our expectations.

Read the case study below:

The Client: QualMark Corporation

QualMark Corporation, the knowledge leader in accelerated testing, is based in Denver Colorado. Their HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) methods enable industry leaders in electronics, medical devices, automotive, military and aerospace to launch better products to market faster while reducing development cost.

The Challenge:

Improve search engine positioning for targeted keywords.

The Solution:

A search on Google with QualMark's targeted keywords resulted in QualMark coming up on the fourth page of Google. QualMark's competitors were enjoying much better keyword results, and QualMark, being a leader in the industry, recognized that they needed to maintain a competitive position on Google in order to capture new market share.

Fusionbox and Traffic Direct performed a code review of QualMark's current code and recommended the site be redesigned to eliminate all JavaScripting, and excess HTML. The site was initially designed by a graphic designer who had little knowledge of writing HTML with search engine results in mind. Traffic Direct wanted to decrease the ratio of code to keywords, so the search engine spiders could access QualMark's wealth of relevant content.

The Traffic Direct and Fusionbox teams recreated every single page of the 100 page site using our best practices for building search engine-friendly sites. The code for the home page was reduced from over 900 lines of code to under 100 lines of code. Fusionbox also created meta information and new page titles and descriptions for each of the 100 pages. We also recommended that the keywords be represented as links on the home page if possible.

The Results:

As a result of the recoding of QualMark's site, the company's search engine position increased dramatically. The site went from being listed on the fourth page of Google, to becoming first on Google for its targeted keywords. As a result of the new search engine results, QualMark has received more sales leads from first time buyers.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Fusionbox and Traffic Direct form Partnership

Where Web Design, Functionality, and Search Engine Results Come Together

DENVER, CO, May 5, 2005 - Fusionbox, Inc. and Traffic Direct, LLC formed a strategic partnership that brings together complimentary skills in order to better support their clients' internet initiatives. Fusionbox is a Denver, CO based Web Development and Design Company and Traffic Direct is a Denver-based Internet Marketing Company.

Traffic Direct's integrated approach includes web site usability services, search engine positioning, link strategies, content development and management, data collection and analysis, and lead generating campaigns all with the goal to acquire, retain and build revenue from their clients' online presence. Fusionbox provides search engine-friendly design, programming, and user interface architecture.

Fusionbox found that many companies were approaching their web presence entirely as it relates to the design of the site. By doing this, they find that while the design is aesthetically impressive, it does not work toward high search engine ranking and usability. Not until the site has launched do many companies even consider search engine optimization, when in some cases, it might be too late. "It's really important that a site be designed and developed with search-engine optimization in mind from the beginning," said Alexander Groth, Fusionbox's president. "There's still plenty of flexibility design-wise, but there are ways of implementing that design that can greatly improve your site's SEO. Many of our clients come to us feeling abandoned and misled by their current web design vendor, because search engine results are not considered during design and development." By working in concert from the site strategy, to the content, design, and development, and finally to launch, Fusionbox and Traffic Direct are able to deliver a search-engine friendly product.

Contact Information:

Ivy Hastings
Ph: 720 953-1083

Traffic Direct
Kathleen Maher
Ph: 720 855-7008