Monday, June 06, 2005

Search Engine Optimization

In almost every meeting we have with potential or new clients, we ask them what their goals are for search engine placement. Many of them answer by saying they hadn't considered it, and thought that search engine optimization was something that happens AFTER the website is designed and up and running. Most of our clients also say that during the RFP process, none of the other Denver web design and development companies even bring up how the client's search engine placement goals will be addressed.

It seems that many Denver web design companies are not up to date with the latest best practices for building search engine friendly web sites. Additionally, they may be more interested in selling the client expensive Flash features, and elaborate web design that actually work against the clients organic search engine placement.

Almost every day I meet someone who tells me they have a web site and they are happy with the design, but want to know how to get better organic search results and stop paying so much for pay per click campaigns. There are quite a few things one can do, but the most important is to build it right from the beginning. Make sure your web design firm adresses this question with you before you discuss color, look and feel, or any other design consideration.